Avella company Sp. z o.o. [Ltd.] offers the most modern building technology that uses solid wood in production, that is HEXAGON system. We have set ourselves a task to build homes of the highest quality, in order to do this, we use organic and 100% natural materials. In the standard execution, the entire structure is made of HEXAGON profiles that provide structural rigidity and strength.

Hexagon system is the combination of modern scientific knowledge and a long-term tradition. Due to our experience and precision of production machinery, the technology allows to build a house of the highest quality within 5 – 7 days.

The producing company is located in western Poland and acts with accordance to the highest European standards. What sets our houses apart from others is the fact that they are ecological, reliable, and of the highest quality. In this area we are unrivalled.


The HEXAGON system creates a monolithic connection of walls and ceilings. It is the only wooden construction system that allows you to obtain high rigidity. The standardized quoins not only influence the work of construction, but minimize the heat loss.

HEXAGON technology allows you to build in different variants. In this system, the thickness of the walls ranges from 23 cm (3-layer ), and  30 cm (4-layer), to 36. 5 cm (5-layer). Full partition consists of the vapor barrier, the Steico thermal insulation that is connected by tongue-and-groove joints, the wind barrier that provides additional tightness, the void, and the  façade in Hexagon system or any other selected by the client. The walls in this system, when having an appropriate insulation, can be installed on reinforced concrete elements as well .

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Our company has its own design department, so we can design and build at the highest level. Full cooperation between designers and installers eliminates committing any mistakes.
We approach each project individually which enables us to adjust our work to the client’s needs. We manage the entire investment process from the concept to obtain permits for construction, assembly, and turnkey finishing.

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