Our history goes back to 2002. At the beginning of the 21st century a qualified architect and engineer Verner Grosse, in collaboration with the University of Stuttgart and Fraunhofer Institute of Building Physics has developed and patented the original idea of the building production from solid wood. The innovative technology of Grosse has combined the tradition of using the wood as a base material for building the houses with the contemporary knowledge about the properties of the materials, the features of their processing, and the effectiveness of their use.

In  2015, the Avella company bought the rights to the use of the intellectual property of Verner’s Grosse. On the basis of experience in the construction and the exploitation of buildings, within 10 years of using the technology many changes and improvements were introduced to this system of construction, some of them have become revolutionary. That is how the HEXAGON technology has been set up and allows to build the houses of the highest quality.

We are the only company that uses the solid beams of dry wood to build the objects, when we combine the beams together they create the massive structures characterized by the high stiffness, so that our objects are resistant to any kind of external factors.

The houses of the Avella company are a tribute to the tradition and modern technology. We build the constructions only from the organic raw materials such as spruce, pine, fir. When building the structure, we do not apply any impregnating agents , adhesives, screws, or steel connectors etc. We use the hexagonal solid wood elements exclusively to obtain a flexible and solid construction. The construction elements of HEXAGON system are fully flexible and do not require any additional processing. Everyone knows the extraordinary properties of honey, but recent studies indicate that these properties are provided not only by bees, but by the shape of the bee cell as well.

Our producing company is located in Poland and acts with accordance to the highest European standards. The Avella company has its representation in Germany, South Korea, and Ukraine. Due to the fact that we provide the client with the high-grade product, we continues to extend the territorial scope of its operation.