Our company has its own design department, thanks to which we can design and build at the highest level. We run the entire investment process from concept to obtaining a building permit, assembly and turnkey finishing. We design in the most modern 3D technologies, the design of each object is calculated using specialized engineering programsThe advantages of using BIM

The advantages of using 3D technology

  • easy cooperation between the investor, contractor and designer,
  • an insight into the virtual image of the investment at every stage of its creation,
  • visualization of the designed object, taking into account the planned environment, insolation, etc.
  • automatic collision detection, especially at the design stage of the installation, which allows to avoid later problems during the investment,
  • creates the ability to quickly simulate various versions of the project, and also facilitates the introduction of all kinds of modifications in the project,
  • after completing the investment, the BIM model can still be used for facility management, repairs planning, modernization, maintenance,

    BIM model


Project vs reality

360 view