Avella GmbH offers a modern hexagon-massiv wood construction system, patented in Germany. We have set ourselves the task of building houses with uncompromising quality at an affordable price, using only ecological and 100% natural materials. In the standard version, the entire construction is made from hexagon profiles, giving it special durability, climate stability, and comfort. Short construction times are achieved through a high level of prefabrication.

What distinguishes our houses from others is the consistent connection of all construction elements (walls, blankets, floors) exclusively with the help of wooden dowels, without steel binders. Our houses also have special acoustics and an individual look that cannot be confused with anything else. We value these unique features.


HEXAGON elements are made of 100% wood. We don't use steel, glue, or any other materials that could harm the users of our homes. The regular hexagonal wall structure creates positive energy that affects the entire environment. The rooms have excellent acoustics. The natural building material that has been used for centuries is hypoallergenic and can regulate moisture on its own.


The strength of the wood, combined with the HEXAGON insulating elements and high level of static impermeability, ensures that our building systems are already highly energy-efficient as standard. The HEXAGON profile increases the natural dam potential of wood as a building material. We have proven this through a series of tests commissioned by us. In addition, in cooperation with KIRITEC GmbH, we can increasingly use Kiri wood in our walls. With only 0.09 W/mK, Kiri wood stores a lot of air in its vacuoles, and therefore, insulates almost twice as well as pine or spruce. That's why our walls almost don't need additional insulation.


The HEXAGON building system uses revolutionary solutions that significantly increase the durability of our houses in terms of building physics, safety, functionality, and value retention. Our houses are particularly durable and completely sealed, with optimal heat and sound insulation.


The large amount of solid wood ensures a constant microclimate, with a stable temperature throughout the year. In the winter, the wood's thermal insulation prevents heat from escaping to the outside, while in the summer, it prevents the interior from overheating due to the sun's rays. Additionally, the humidity in our houses remains constant, which has a favorable effect on our living comfort. A wooden house also has low levels of dust and other allergens, such as mites and mold.


Tightness, durability, stability, and fire safety are the hallmarks of our houses. The thick, solid wood walls represent the most reliable and safe fire protection, as solid wood is practically incombustible. Our homes can withstand fire impacts easily, and the statics and load-bearing properties of our walls remain unchanged, preventing the fire from spreading to neighboring rooms. Reliability at every level gives us peace of mind and a sense of security, and we provide a 100-year guarantee for our houses.


Wood is an absolutely environmentally friendly material, and no chemical processing is used at any of the manufacturing stages, from sourcing the materials to putting the finished house into operation. The production is completely waste-free and environmentally friendly, with our company processing 100% of the leftovers. Some of it is used to heat the rooms and dry the raw materials. Building with HEXAGON makes your house practically 100% recyclable, as the wooden construction elements are only connected with wooden dowels and do not require any artificial fasteners.

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Our company has its own design department, so we can design and build at the highest level. Full cooperation between designers and installers eliminates committing any mistakes.
We approach each project individually which enables us to adjust our work to the client’s needs. We manage the entire investment process from the concept to obtain permits for construction, assembly, and turnkey finishing.

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