QUALITY, RELIABILITY, SAVING- all of this allows you to bring HEXAGON technology into effect, an innovative system of building houses from solid wood: the symbiosis of modern scientific knowledge and the timber building tradition.

The system is based on the solid wood beam in the form of a regular hexagon.

To connect the items we use the best wooden pins, which prevent any transfers between items.

Standard HEXAGON blocks are combined in three planes, so we get the solid wood items of the thickness of: 23 cm, 30, 5 cm, 38, 5 cm.

The assembly of the structure takes place without the heavy construction equipment. Building blocks consist of the elements with the maximum weight of 40-45 kg. The building blocks HEXAGON are an enhanced version of the LEGO bricks, when arranged and connected appropriately form a solid wood construction. 

The next stage of the stiffener uses  pins working in two consecutive planes. We prevent any deformation of the object due to this system of connections.

To construct the objects of 100 m2  we need 15 km of pins, our system significantly reduces the amount of required foundations. Rigid construction of the building allows us to build the constructions even on the weak bearing ground.

Special thermal insulation elements that are integrated with a HEXAGON wall increase heat insulation of the building about one and a half times, which excludes the need for additional insulation or makes it of minor importance. Our system is reliable, durable and does not require renovation.


3 - HEX

2 - HEX



HEXAGON ceiling

KVH ceiling

Beam ceiling